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Childhood Obesity A Worldwide Health Issue - 921 Words

Childhood Obesity Obesity is known to be a worldwide health issue, with the greatest concentrations of obese individuals in developed countries. In the past years it has been well documented that obesity has increased in both adults and children, and an increase is still expected. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) program defines obesity in adults as a BMI of 30 or greater. Children are considered obese when they are above 95% of the normal weight of children with the same age and height. More than one third of U.S adults are considered obese and an increase in childhood obesity has been identified. With the removal of physical education in schools, increase sedentary lifestyles and increase in excess empty calorie intake, childhood obesity is only expected to increase. Research shows that childhood obesity is a major predictor for cardiovascular disease and premature mortality in adulthood (Batty, Calvin, Brett, Cukic, Deary, 2015). Obesity impacts all major organs and is a driver to many chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels (Raj, 2012). â€Å"†¦overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence were associated with increased risk of both premature mortality and adult morbidity, particularly cardio-metabolic morbidity (Reilly Kelly, 2011). Therefore, it is important that childhood obesity be taken serious. The causes of childhood obesity have been identified as dietary factors, genetic factors, decrease in physicalShow MoreRelatedInferential Statistics Essay560 Words   |  3 PagesThis study will focus on the issue of obesity among people. Obesity is one of the prominent issues that the society is facing due to the insufficient information that people have regarding the amount of food intake as well as how people ought to balance their diet. It seems that the problem of obesity is not only experienced in one country but in different countries and this does not only choose certain gender and age but a person who suffers obesity could be an adult or a child, female or male. Read MoreChildhood Obesity: A Gowing Problem Around the World649 Words   |  3 PagesObesity is a growing problem all around the world for far too many children. Obesity means a person has too much body fat. Body fat is measured by a person’s body mass index. When one is measuring a person’s body ma ss index, they are finding their height and body weight then comparing it to the recommendations made by doctors for each age and gender. After doctors calculate it, they then find a percentile rank to determine present and future health issues. Around the world, childhood obesity hasRead MoreThe Documentary Fed Up Essay1224 Words   |  5 Pagesunpredictable times in which meals were not guaranteed. Now in the 21st century, data suggests, as mentioned in Fed Up, that there will be more deaths caused directly or indirectly by obesity than by starvation. The documentary Fed Up focuses on the terrifying issue that plagues the United States and the world: obesity. It delves into the components that contribute to this menacing epidemic that only continues to get worse. The documentary builds on the stories of four young American children fromRead MoreFighting the Obesity Epidemic in the UK912 Words   |  4 PagesPublic health aims prevention of health problems before they occur and mainly focuses on population rather than individual (Thorbory, 2009). It also helps to improve the health and well being of individuals, communities and the wider population and prevent from mortality and disability (Nursing, 2013). Prevention such as immunisation and screening, Protection such as safety and protection from abuse and promotion such as health education are the three main approaches of public health (RCNRead MoreObesity Is The Type Of Disease That Is Infectious1248 Words   |  5 PagesObesity may not be the type of disease that is infectious. However, it has reached heights of epidemic proportions and poses a public health challenge, not only in Australia but globally. This disease has attained substantial awareness as a major health hazard and can be defined as an unhealthy excess of body fat at which can lead to an increased risk of medical illnesses and also may result in mortality, (Kitzinger Karle, 2013). Since the 1980’s the prevalence of obe sity has almost tripled andRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Major Health Issue1731 Words   |  7 Pages Abstract Childhood obesity is a major health issue nationwide and globally. This has been going on for many years and childhood obesity has increased tremendously. The main problem is the difference between calorie ingestion and calories consumed. Other influences (hereditary, developmental, and environmental) can also affect obese children. Physical, emotional, and public health issues causes pain and suffering for many children. The process of obesity growth is not completely understoodRead MoreChildhood Obesity And Its Effects Essay1049 Words   |  5 PagesChildhood obesity is at an all-time high in the United States and should be a major concern for the nation. With childhood obesity steadily rising, it is imperative that actions be implemented to offset this trend. Childhood obesity places children at a significantly higher risk for a multitude of physical and psychological health concerns. It is important to understand the actions that have been set in motion that attempt to resolve this issue. Additionally, it should be determined if these actionsRead MoreObesity : Obesity And Obesity1334 Words   |  6 PagesHealth Factors Related to Obesity in Adolescence Childhood obesity is a worldwide epidemic that has increased dramatically over the past few years. There are many reasons this could be and research shows that as cultures are developing kids are spending more time indoors than being active outside. Technology is becoming so advanced that people are now able to play sports right from the comfort of his or her living room couch. Although these technological advancements are quite outstanding and hasRead MoreChildhood Obesity : How Has This Become A Problem1218 Words   |  5 PagesChildhood Obesity: How Has This Become a Problem and What Can Be Done to Fix it? Childhood obesity is affecting 1 out 3 kids in our society. These children are being classified as being obese or overweight. Obesity has gained recognition as an important worldwide public problem and in the U.S., appears to be overtaking tobacco use as the number one cause of preventable death (Dennison, B. A., Edmunds, L. S., Stratton, H. H., Pruzek, R. M. (2006). This is the first time we have ever seen our childrenRead MoreObesity : An Epidemic That Affects Individuals Worldwide839 Words   |  4 PagesObesity is an epidemic that affects individuals worldwide. Unfortunately, more children are facing issues with obesity than ever before, leading to major health issues including diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol. The CDC website defines childhood obesity as a â€Å"BMI (body mass index) at or above the 95th percentile for children and teens of the same age and sex†(Defining Childhood Obesity, 2015, p. 1). It is important that parents understand that how the health of their child can affect

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